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My truffle equipment:
Stick, tools, boots, cookies and truffle bag

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My official licences issued by Piemonte Regional Authorities:
Truffle Hunter and Naturalist Guide


The passion for truffle hunting has survived for over three generations in the Marengo family, as have the traditional customs of a truffle hunter. From generation to generation, the woods and precise locations where the “Magnatum Pico” grows have been preserved in the diaries of their family’s ancestors and has since then, remained a family secret.

Giuseppe Marengo developed his own passion for truffle hunting as a very young child and has spent his fall seasons searching for truffles ever since. Together with his trained dog, he now hopes to share his exciting search adventures with others who are equally as fascinated with truffles.
Today he's also a Nature Guide approved by the Piedmont Region with an official certificate.
For those who enjoy nature, animals, yet, most importantly, truffles this unique experience will bring a new-found appreciation for the “Magnatum Pico” truffle of Alba. This experience is for people who are seeking an unparalleled opportunity to witness the mystery behind truffle hunting and an adventure that surely will not be forgotten!

With his “vintage” Renault 4, Giuseppe accompanies guests to the most hidden and secret places within the Langhe woods to share with them these beautiful moments of the traditional Italian culture.

Months Available: October, November, December
Days of the Week: weather permitting
Hours: any time
Duration: n/a
Attire: Comfortable and warm clothing, appropriate for walking in the woods (at night torches will be provided for each person).
Languages Spoken: English, French, Spanish. Upon request German and Japanese translators can be provided.

For questions or more information contact:
phone: +39 339 77.44.832